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miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2018


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Image source: nationalcollege.co.uk
Education depends where you live in the UK: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland… It can be different (some things can change, like the dates of school holidays…), but there is a shared detail: all the students wear their uniforms.
Image source:dailymirror.co.uk
Time at school is divided into three stages: Pre-school, Primary and Secondary education.
Nursery, Kindergarten or Pre-school is when you first start at school around three and five.
Primary education is generally from the age of around 5 to 11, staying there until children finish Year Six.
Secondary education is usually from the age of 11 to 16, although you may decide to stay in school till you are 18.

Children around the country go to different kinds of schools, too. There are two main types of schools: those that are paid for by the government (State Schools) and those which aren't (Public or Private Schools, such as Eton, that is very famous, gracious and expensive -around £34,000 (€38,000) per year and that’s without the uniform!).
Image source: Woldingham School - www.best-schools.co.uk
About 35% of pupils eat school lunches, but the other 65% of pupils carry packed lunches from home. A typical packed lunch contains a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a chocolate bar or a yoghurt and sometimes crisps.  And some healthy drink, like water, of course.

Image source. express.co.uk

sábado, 09 de junio de 2018


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Every four years, in a different country around the world, there is an international football competition: The FIFA World Cup.
Image source: oblgazeta.ru
The first World Cup was in 1930 in Uruguay with thirteen teams, but on this occasion there will be 32 countries deciding who will lift the emblematic golden trophy.
This year it starts in Moscow next 14 June. It's the first time Russia is going to host the tournament.

Image source: tsmsportz.com
The matches will take place in 12 stadiums, distributed across 11 cities, most of them in the west of the country to reduce travel time between matches for supporters and teams, because Russia is a huge country.

Image source: fifaworldcup2018updates.com
On the first two weeks the 32 participating countries have been divided into eight groups; each country plays a match against the three other teams in their group.  
According to those results two teams from each group go through to the next round and then they decide which eight teams will move on to the finals.
The quarter-finals will take place on 6 and 7 July. From the competing eight teams, the four winning teams will go to the semi-finals. 
And at last, two teams will go to the World Cup final in Moscow on 15 July.
Brazil is the most successful World Cup team because they are the only team that has played in every tournament.
But don't forget Spain won in South Africa in 2010. At that moment, we were the Champions and why not now again? We have to wait to know who will be the winner. 

martes, 24 de abril de 2018




Baby sea horses are born from their father. You can watch it in this amazing video about seahorses.


lunes, 23 de abril de 2018


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Today, like every year, we celebrate Book Day at school. 
It's very special for our community because during some sessions we do lost of activities around this day: Meetings with authors, our Literary Contest, visits to the Public library and more...
Discover the world! Read a lot!! 

domingo, 22 de abril de 2018


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Source: teachradar

Last week, between 4 and 15 April, the Commonwealth Games took place in The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, a beautiful place for its beaches.

These games are for countries in The Commonwealth (a group of countries that were part of the UK many years ago and still have the Queen of England).

Source: perth.wa.gov.au

There were 6,000 athletes from 71 countries like the UK, Australia (obviously), New Zealand, South Africa or Canada... and there were 22 sports like swimming, cycling, running, basketball... 
They are every four years, so... see you in 2022!!

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