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sábado, 09 de junio de 2018


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Every four years, in a different country around the world, there is an international football competition: The FIFA World Cup.
Image source: oblgazeta.ru
The first World Cup was in 1930 in Uruguay with thirteen teams, but on this occasion there will be 32 countries deciding who will lift the emblematic golden trophy.
This year it starts in Moscow next 14 June. It's the first time Russia is going to host the tournament.

Image source: tsmsportz.com
The matches will take place in 12 stadiums, distributed across 11 cities, most of them in the west of the country to reduce travel time between matches for supporters and teams, because Russia is a huge country.

Image source: fifaworldcup2018updates.com
On the first two weeks the 32 participating countries have been divided into eight groups; each country plays a match against the three other teams in their group.  
According to those results two teams from each group go through to the next round and then they decide which eight teams will move on to the finals.
The quarter-finals will take place on 6 and 7 July. From the competing eight teams, the four winning teams will go to the semi-finals. 
And at last, two teams will go to the World Cup final in Moscow on 15 July.
Brazil is the most successful World Cup team because they are the only team that has played in every tournament.
But don't forget Spain won in South Africa in 2010. At that moment, we were the Champions and why not now again? We have to wait to know who will be the winner. 

domingo, 22 de abril de 2018


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Source: teachradar

Last week, between 4 and 15 April, the Commonwealth Games took place in The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, a beautiful place for its beaches.

These games are for countries in The Commonwealth (a group of countries that were part of the UK many years ago and still have the Queen of England).

Source: perth.wa.gov.au

There were 6,000 athletes from 71 countries like the UK, Australia (obviously), New Zealand, South Africa or Canada... and there were 22 sports like swimming, cycling, running, basketball... 
They are every four years, so... see you in 2022!!


jueves, 19 de octubre de 2017


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In this occasion, 2017 Princess of Asturias Award for Sports is for the  most famous rugby team in the world: New Zealand's national rugby team, the "All Blacks".
Why this name? Because of their plain black football kit.
They are an example of cultural and racial integration, combining values of friendship, unity, sportsmanship and solidarity.
They have won three of the eight Rugby World Cup tournaments (1987, 2011 and 2015).
Since the beginnings of rugby in New Zealand, this sport has been associated with the "haka", that is a Maori tribal dance of challenge, which is performed by the players on the sports field before the beginning of each international match or when they celebrate a victory.
Today we are going to share their happiness with them.
Congratulations "All Blacks"!!

Rugby World Cup 2015 final versus Australia

Te Rauparaha haka
Ringa pakia
(Slap the hands against the thighs)
Uma tiraha
(Puff out the chest)
Turi whatia
(Bend the knees)
Hope whai ake
(Let the hip follow)
Waewae takahia kia kino
(Stamp the feet as hard as you can)
Ka mate! Ka mate! (It is death!, It is death!)
Ka ora! Ka ora! (It is life!, It is life!) (x2)
Tenei Te Tangata Puhuruhuru
(This is the hairy man)
Nana i tiki mai whakawhiti te ra
(Who caused the sun to shine again for me)
Upane, Upane
(Up the ladder, Up the ladder)
Upane, Kaupane
(Up to the top)
Whiti te ra
(The sun shines!)


martes, 04 de febrero de 2014


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On 7th February 2014 the Winter Olympic Games start and they close on 23rd.

They will take place in Sochi, Russia (a beautiful place where there are palm trees and beaches; this is one reason because a lot of the snow will come from special machines).

Eighty-eight different countries will take part in this event.

On this occasion there are fifteen winter sports. Some of them are: ice hockey, skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding, bobsleigh...

The Games have got three animal mascots – a snow leopard (a beautiful native cat from the mountain ranges of Central Asia), a hare and a polar bear.


martes, 11 de junio de 2013


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From 24th June until 7th July 2013, the oldest and the most prestigious tennis tournament around the world is held in London.

Famous players like Rafa Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Maria Sharapova and Serena and Venus Williams go to London to try and win the famous trophy and the prize money that goes with it.

Wimbledon is the only tennis court of the Grand Slam (there are four tournaments, "Majors": Australian Open, French Open -or Roland Garros-, Wimbledon Championships and US Open) to use grass.

Wimbledon traditions include a strict dress code for competitors, Royal patronage and the eating of strawberries and cream by the spectators before, during and after matches. They eat about 27,000 kilos of strawberries and 7,000 litres of cream.

The tournament is also well known for the absence of sponsor adverts around the courts.




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