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lunes, 02 de febrero de 2015


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If you want to be a good pirate, you have to use some special words... 

Ahoy!! = Hello!!

Arr = Yes/That’s great/I agree

Aye = Yes, definitely

Aye Aye = Of course, I’ll do that now

Blimey!! = Wow!!

Fair Winds! = Good Luck!

Gangway! = Clear the path!

Land ahoy!! = I see land!!

Mate = Friend

Sink me! = What a surprise!

Ye = "You"

Yer = "Your"

If you always say them and ... know the following small... details, you can be sure you are the best pirate of Carnival 2015 at school...

Bounty = A reward, usually paid by the Government for the capture of a criminal.

Buccanneer = Pirates, usually from Hispaniola, who attacked Spanish ships in the Caribbean.

Corsair = Pirates in the Mediterranean.

Dubloon = An old Spainish gold coin.

Galleon = A large ship used in war or to carry cargo.

Jolly Roger = The pirate flag (a white skull and crossbones on a black background).

Merchant Ship = A ship carrying cargo to be sold.

New World = America

And, necessary...Don't forget your:

Compass = To follow the correct way.

Hook = a curved piece of metal (instead your hand).

Patch = A clothe to cover your eye.

Peg leg = An artificial leg, usually wooden.

...And your parrot, of course!!

Now... You are ready!

Pirates, All aboard...!!


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