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jueves, 29 de octubre de 2015



If you want to celebrate something sweet and special and have fun on 31st October, have a look at these original ideas:

Halloween pumpkin carving suggestions.
Halloween cupcakes ideas.

Try to do them and have an amazing night!...but be careful with tools. (Ask an adult for help).

miércoles, 07 de octubre de 2015


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Image source: Planet Mars Humza & Marvin

NASA scientists say that they have found signs of liquid water on Mars.
Does it mean that is possible any form of life on the planet? They don't know... but they believe that Mars once had rivers, seas, lakes, oceans...
Researchers saw there were dark patches (that changed in size and colour maybe depending on the season of the year) running down the sides of craters and mountains.
In the near future they want to find some form of microscopic life but it is very difficult because the robots that could be used there could carry microbes from Earth and contaminate the results.
Anyway... this is an amazing discovery and we are lucky enough to live it!!

Image source: www.newsky24.com


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